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Pine Rosin Based Hand Made Medium Chasers Pitch -  No Animal / Petroleum Products Used

Medium Dark Green Chasers Pitch - Suitable For Most Metal Chasing and Repousse Projects



Rio Grande Jewelry Supply  2012 Tools & Equipment Catalog

Medium Green Pitch Deemed "The Perfect Pitch!"



Victoria Lansford -
www.victorialansford.com - Lists Pitch It To You Medium Green Pitch
as her Favorite Find of 2011! Read Blog Post Below:

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply Blog:   
What Was Your Best Purchase of 2011? - Jewelers Share Their Favorite Finds


  • "I really like it! Worked great. Used it to pitch a helm for chasing. Stuck nicely since I couldn't put it in a bowl as usual. Very controllable."    - Heather McLarty - President, Board of Directors - Adams Forge
  • " It warmed through well with a heat gun or hair dryer, that is the top surface did not become napalm dangerous but heat transmitted fairly smoothly and well through the pitch to a depth of half an inch, turning the mat erial, it was possible to warm it to handleable level...... so one could warm it, hold it in the hand, push it into recesses, all at a reasonable temperature, similar to the red pitch from Fischer.....  very good for finer work. With finer work, such as using a liner, or tracer or oval forming tool it had very good resistance. Better than other pitches. Really recommended for this kind of work.     Many pitches, like the German red pitch, when one uses a liner, tracer etc., would bend in nearby. This pitch does not, in other words has excellent resistance, allowing detail without compromise. Excellent for lining , tracing, precise work. This part is a special attribute worth mentioning. "    - Charles Lewton Brain Author: The Jeweler's Bench Book and Foldforming;  Co-Founder: Ganoksin Project
  • " The biggest advantage I’ve found with this pitch is that it supports the metal so well, finer detail is much easier. I get pristine lines and fine plannishing marks with about half as much effort and therefore in half as much time. This advantage alone is enough to make me a convert. "    - Victoria Lansford - Independent studio metalsmith, producer of the Metal Techniques of Bronze Age Masters
  • "Thank you for sending me the pitch so promptly. I am delighted with your product, from the presentation -easy to use small pieces of pitch, thru to getting it into bowls and getting started. This whole process was very quick. Your pitch seems to like being softened by heat gun or soft flame. AND such a lovely smell, that makes you feel great about your work!   I and my students have been trying it out in cold weather, the resin is crisp and hard but sufficient softness can be maintained with heat applications. It means the pieces often come away almost clean. Small traces of this pitch can be removed with mineral oil.  We love it and recommend it to everyone. "     - Sarah Gascoigne - Independent Metalsmith & Designer Jeweler and Instructor at Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle WA
  • "Debra your pitch works very well for me. My pieces are generally quite small and I often need to remove them frequently to check fit, refine with filing, etc., so a lot of back-and-forth in being in the pitch and then not. So the non-stick quality actually works very well for me with minimal residue left after popping the piece out. It also makes it easy to push it around with a hammer to fit pieces without it sticking to the hammer.  The pitch heats up nicely and retains the heat at a rate that is easily controlled, and which moves very nicely under the metal. Nice fragrance too. I’m looking forward to using it in a variety of projects. A very fine product. - Jim"     - Jim Kelso - Artist / Craftsman - Works in gold, silver, non-ferrous alloys, steel and iron using Japanese and European techniques. His work is featured in Nancy Megan Corwin's book:Chasing and Repousse - Methods Ancient and Modern
  • "Debra's new pitch is expertly made following her own formulation which she [is successfully using in her own workshop]. It is easily heated and manipulated (it is manageable, not sticky), so it is wonderful for instances where a pitch bowl is not possible. Its qualities allow for easy working with high relief repousse work and large decorative panels. When cool, work releases from this pitch easily: again, an ideal situation for larger work. It is packaged well and comes in chunk form. I especially like the fact that I do not have to make a mess breaking it apart. It is a pleasure to have a pitch product on the marked designed and made by a professional chaser."   - Liza Nechamkin Glasser, Silversmith/ Chaser;  Nechamkin Silver Studios LLC  & Creator of Nechamkin Chasing Tools
  • I have found it to be a quailty medium level pitch. It gives a strong support and services its over all purpose well. I definitely would, and have recommended your pitch to my students...    Bonnie Heras - Chasing/Repousse Instructor - The Crucible, Oakland, CA
  • "...... a great new pitch for metal smiths to use when doing chasing and repousse work. The pitch is fantastic. It is easy to use, non toxic and easy to clean up. It is only the pitch I will be using from now on."   - Diana Autagne Casabar - Contemporary Metalsmith, Keller, TX
  • "Being new to chasing and repousse, I wasn't sure what to expect of this pitch but I'm happy to say that it's easy to use and smells like walking through a pine forest." - Russell O'Brien - Coromandel Valley, South Australia
  • "Just did some extensive research last night to find pitch that was one: affordable, and two: reliable......  I found plenty of reviews on your product, all of which had rave reviews. Thank you for your product, and THANK YOU for making it affordable!!!!!"  - Adam J. Svedburg - Ashby, MA
  • "Love that this product is non-toxic and user friendly...."  - J. Lauriad via www.riogrande.com
  • "It melted in the heat of the summer air between New Mexico and Texas so I got a nice lump to break up, but it broke nicely and remelted beautifully." - Sparrow via  www.riogrande.com
  • "This pitch has a smell that will make you feel like you are in a forest of pine trees, it is great! .....This pitch dissolves in denatured alcohol which makes clean up, well, clean!  **I have sensitive fire alarms in my apartment and so far this pitch hasn't upset the fire alarms once. I recommend this product. - Elmo via  www.riogrande.com


 ** Disclaimer:  Pitch It To You Chasers Pitch does not endorse the use of open flames inside a residential dwelling.  This medium grade pitch is made for use in a well ventilated shop setting with appropriate fire prevention in place.  






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