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Made By A Metal Chasing / Repousse Artist

For Metal Chasing / Repousse Artists!


Pine Rosin Based Hand Made Medium Chasers Pitch -  No Animal / Petroleum Products Used

Medium Dark Green Chasers Pitch - Suitable For Most Metal Chasing and Repousse Projects

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About this pitch:

I am a working repousse / metal chasing artist

and I make and use this pitch myself.


Great Reviews! Read Here: Testimony


Customer Review: "Love that this product is non-toxic and user friendly...."  - J. Lauriad via www.riogrande.com



After considerable thought, I have decided to stop selling my pitch via Rio Grande - Rio Item #118260  

 I will still be offering my pitch, along with the usual student discounts, quantity discounts, etc. through this site www.chasers-pitch.com



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Great Reviews! Read Here: Testimony


  • This is a nice all around use pine rosin based medium dark green chasers pitch that is suitable for most metal chasing and repousse projects.
  • This chasers pitch warms and softens easily with heat gun or plumbers torch to obtain good relief / repousse in your design, but also firms up nicely for planishing and chasing work.
  • This chasers pitch has great adhesion to the metal while you are working on it. Yet this chasers pitch easily releases the metal with a little heat from a heat gun or torch, with minimal pitch residue left on the metal once it comes off the pitch.
  • This chasers pitch has low odor/fumes and no smoke when properly/ safely warmed up or melted. The odor that this chasers pitch does have is very mild and pleasant pine scent. There is smoke when burning off the minimal residual pitch after removing metal, but it does not flame up or smoke excessively.
  • This chasers pitch melts consistently without bubbling or puddling at a low temperature, yet cools quickly to touch - minimizing burning risks to the user.
  • This chasers pitch is easily kept malleable and maintains adherence while working with the periodic (as needed) use of a heat gun or plumber's torch.
  • This chasers pitch is free of petroleum or animal products.


As with many of the other pitch products on the market, seasonal temperature changes can result in this pitch being more or less brittle. You can accommodate that easily with use of the torch or heat gun.

As with the other pitch products, use in a well ventilated area and always wear proper safety protection, such as safety glasses and gloves.

Instructions specific to this pitch are included with every order.  



Great Reviews! Read Here: Testimony





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Disclaimer / Release of Liability

Use at your own risk.
Pitch It To You - Chasing / Repousse Pitch (DEBRA MONTGOMERY FINE METAL SCULPTURE)
assumes no responsibility for the inherent risks and possible injuries associated with
the use of this medium chasers pitch as described in the instructions on use provided with each order.

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